Sunday, August 13, 2017

5th Grade Mountain Landscapes

5th graders have been learning to create a sense of space (in this case, depth from foreground to background) through relative size and detail, as well as through color value, in these landscape paintings.  They also learned how early paintings of some of our country's most iconic landscapes changed American attitudes about wilderness and contributed to the preservation of some of these places as national parks.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

3rd Grade Movement Works

Third graders have been learning how artists can lend a sense of movement to their 2D works by using certain line types (curves, zigzags,and diagonals, for example) and by repeating subjects.  In these works, we purposely kept our subjects simple (even stick figures were okay), so they could be easily repeated.

K-2 Enrichment

We've started our Wednesday enrichment sessions with K, 1st, and 2nd.  At least for the first few weeks, I'm using this "extra" time to build drawing (and overall art) confidence with a lot of step-by- step art that emphasizes the idea that even complex subjects can be created from simple lines and shapes.  In the photo, one of our new kindergartners finishes off the alligator she constructed with a rectangle and several triangles. 

Art is piling up!

You can tell the HES Art Room is off and running when the cabinet where I keep artwork for the classroom teachers starts to look like this! 

1st Grade Rainbow Birds

With watercolor paints, first graders mixed their primary colors to make the secondaries, then turned their simple colored circles into birds on a wire.  

Kindergarten "5-4-3-2-1" Abstracts

With five different line types (straight, curvy, curly, zigzag, and broken), four circles, three triangles, two squares, and one "new" shape - a semicircle - kinders got some practice making shapes and lines while also learning that not all art has to look like "something."  We're also practicing "solid" - not "spaghetti"- coloring!

2nd Grade "Name Art"

Second graders have been learning a simple way top make block letters, while at the same time practicing making complex shapes.